[ Material ] 

All products use natural stone, so the texture of the stone itself and impurities are inevitable, and each batch of color and texture can not be the same. 

[ Process ] 

Our products are all hand-carved, hand-made products are not exactly the same, even if the same master made the same product will not be exactly the same, but exquisite workmanship, each has its own strengths. 


[ Color difference ] 

All our products are taken in real objects, but the color of the object will be slightly different from that of the picture due to the factors of shooting technology, light and display parameters. 

[ Customized process ]

1. Selecting styles and making requirements;

2. Calculate the price according to the design drawing and production requirements; Calculate the processing cycle;

3. After the completion of the production, take physical photos and ask the buyer to check and accept the delivery of small express delivery and large logistics delivery.