Artemis Dejavu

( Professional Art Stone Crafter )


Artemis Dejavu Art stone crafter is natural stone craft series brand, which belong to Xiamen black white stone Co.Ltd. Artemis Dejavu is fusion of nature and art, and mainly engaged in the natural stone processing into a unique life home fashion products, such as ashtray, towel plate, fruit plate, tissue box, trays, vases, candlestick, jewelry and so on.


Artemis Dejavu insist on natural material selection and handcraft, and realizes the possibility of designing various custom designs from the product process, the natural texture from marble and granite has been carefully polished by the artisans. We don't produce stone, we just transfer nature to home, Let the pursuit of high-grade people in the busy fast pace of life to contact the nature of a quite at any time and anywhere,enjoy the five-star hotel atmosphere in home.


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